Professional Looking Flower Arrangement

April 20, 2016


IMG_5869My Grandma was the queen of everything clever, from her use of witty banter to her “why didn’t I think of that?!” solutions for everyday problems. She always had fresh flowers around her house, but didn’t always have the time to perfectly arrange them.  Thus came one of her many ingenious “hacks” before that was even a thing.  I’m going to share her secret to a full, lush looking arrangement without breaking the bank.


How many times have you struggled with arranging flowers only to have this as the end result:


You have already trimmed the stems and removed all the leaves touching water, but It doesn’t look right. Not terrible, but it is far from a full and polished looking nosegay. See all the open space where it looks to be begging for more blooms?


“Filler” flowers and greens have that name for a reason, but I am rarely a fan of them. To me, it dilutes the true beauty of the blossoms you are trying to showcase. So what to do? First, remove the blooms and arrange them in your hand in a way that is pleasing to your eye. I find that fanning out and “twisting” the stems helps.


Once you have the flowers arranged just so, wait for it….wrap a rubber band around the most narrow part.


Please forgive my unpolished nails!


Viola! You now have a professional, full and lush looking arrangement that took less time than it took to check out at the grocery store. You may want to further trim the stems so it sits just right in the container you’ve chosen. That’s it! So simple, yet it results in a beautiful, dramatic and high-end look.



Happy flower arranging my friends!

xx – Kate, Wynn & Roo


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