My Night Stand Essentials

February 5, 2016


One of my favorite things to do in the evening when it’s cold out (or not cold, let’s be honest) is to cozy up in bed way early, and watch a movie (or Bravo as the case may very well be). I try and make my bedroom feel as luxurious and pampering as a room at a boutique hotel, and making sure my nightstand is stocked with a few necessities is essential in making this happen.

Scented Candle

IMG_5337A huge part of creating ambiance for any room or occasion is candle light and a subtle scent. You will always find a candle lit at my bedside in the evening. My favorite brand is of course wynn & roo and this Sugared Citrus is an all time fav.

Hand Cream


Having a rich and soothing hand cream is essential in the winter for dry skin, and it also is a small indulgence that can help you feel pampered, especially if you haven’t gotten around to that mani lately.

Lip Balm


My lips are habitually dry – the first sign of dehydration (which lends to another point – a glass of water bedside is a must). Our skin does much of it’s healing and repairing at night, so I always slather on a nice thick layer of lip balm before bed.

Fresh Flowers

IMG_5287Fresh flowers make me feel special, uplifted and fancy. Whether it is a single bloom or a bountiful bouquet, I encourage you to treat yourself and add something fresh to your bedside. The scent of a fresh bloom as you drift off to sleep, and as you wake is simply divine.

IMG_5341Another bedside staple is a great book. I’m currently searching for my next read, so please comment with any fabs or recommendations you have! I hope you enjoyed and will treat yo’ self!

xx – Kate, Wynn & Roo

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