Easy Spring Planter

March 12, 2016


One of the first things I like to do as soon as the weather permits is refresh my front porch planters. It’s such an easy way to add some color and cheer, even before the rest of the gardens come alive. I have five easy tips that I have learned along the way that I’d love to share!

  1. When picking out flowers, first think about a color scheme that goes with your outdoor decor – pillows & lounge cushions, outdoor rug, door & shutter colors etc. I like choosing flowers that coordinate with each other in some way – for example the pansies I chose have yellow and white in the center, so they coordinate back to the yellow daffodils and white star flowers. Another beautiful way is to do a monochromatic look with all yellow or white! Coordinating the look in one way or another gives it that chic, high end designer look. closeupwhite
  2. Consider picking flowers with varying heights and textures. The daffodils give a nice height and a slender look, while the star flower acts as a ground cover and adds dimension and texture. The pansies add a touch of fun color and whimsy. sideview

  3. Add branches as an accent, like as these beautiful pussy willows! Not only do they balance out the arrangement height wise, they give a beautiful organic and free form edge to an otherwise tailored urn. Forsythia branches and cherry tree blossoms would also make beautiful accents – real or faux. coffeecup
  4. If you have dogs like mine, they will delight in eating the potting soil. Bad for them and bad for the plants! I foraged in my yard and covered the soil with moss – it helps to keep the soil underneath moist, keep the curious dogs out and looks gorgeous! You can also usually find dried moss at your local arts & crafts store. mosscloseup
  5. Balance and symmetry are huge in my book, so when shopping for spring urns and planters, buy two! I love the look of an entryway flanked by two of anything – urns, lanterns or topiaries. But in spring and summer, potted urns are my go to. When looking for urns, ones made of resin are usually much more cost friendly and definitly easier to move. The cement ones I have are pretty, but a bear to haul around.marloewsymmerty

Happy Spring and happy planting!!

xx – Kate, Wynn & Roo

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