Easy Kitchen Update

February 3, 2016


The kitchen is the heart of the home, and ours is no exception. We were so lucky that the previous owners took such great care and attention to detail when customizing the kitchen. It was perfect for the most part, but there was one thing I decided to update – the range hood.

What I love the most is that while they made sure to pick fabulous high end appliances and finishes, they kept the integrity of a classic country farmhouse. Without being cutesy. The “before” pictures you will see are the house listing pics.


I adore the AGA stove, but red isn’t really my color, and I felt that the hood, mixed with the tin backsplash, was too visually busy. I played around with ripping the whole thing out and putting in my dream copper hood, but came up with a much more cost effective solution. Like a $20 solution give or take. 


The original color of the hood was fine, but it didn’t match the red of our range so it really felt out of place in my opinion. And it’s my kitchen now, so my opinion is the one that matters 🙂


I went back and forth between doing a flat black or a cream for a minute and obviously went with the cream. The ONLY reason for the black was that the range top is black as is most of the hardware. But I wanted to brighten up the space and eliminate blocks of color, so duh. All it took was one quick trip to the paint store, about 45 minutes and voila!


I first scrubbed the hood since we all know grease hides everywhere around a stove, as much as we hate to admit it. I used Sherwin Williams ProClassic in a custom blended 25% increased ‘Accessible Beige’ and a very stiff paint brush. This helped with getting into the details of the stamped tin. I let it completely dry, and then went at it with a dry scrubby to give it an aged look and reveal some of the color underneath for depth.


This color matches the cabinets rather than the backsplash – matching the backsplash perfectly would have been more tricky. Overall I’m thrilled with how this turned out. The space is light, bright and it certainly didn’t break the bank or take more than an afternoon.


This goes to show that a little paint and time can have a huge impact on your space! Hope it inspires you to tackle something you’ve been on the fence about!


xx – Kate, Wynn and Roo

Copper Canisters, Kitchen Aid and Copper Pot – Williams Sonoma

Rug – eSale Rugs

Green Topiaries – Homegoods

White Porcelain Collection – Williams Sonoma

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