Designer Look Succulent Planter

April 6, 2016

IMG_5644One of my favorite ways to bring fresh spring style into my home is with potted greenery, like succulents and neutral toned orchids. I found this fantastic resin clamshell at my local Home Goods, and knew it would be the perfect container for a simple planter with a high end, designer look.


Small succulents are easy to find – I got these at Produce Junction, but I’ve also seen them at my local Home Depot, Trader Joes and plant nurseries. If you want even simpler, they have great faux alternatives out there.


I started by filling the bottom with small pebbles to allow drainage, evenly placed the succulents, and filled in the gaps with potting soil. So simple.


I found these miniature orchids at my local Ikea – I know, right?!? I had some leftover orchid potting mix, which looks like mulch, and nestled them in so they were cozy.


I finished off the look by sprinkling more smooth pebbles on top for an aesthetically pleasing look and to also help keep the soil in place.


In total, this cost me a whopping $30. I’ve seen close to the exact same thing selling for upwards of $500 – no thank you!

Happy Spring!


xx – Kate, Wynn & Roo

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