Welcome to Wynn & Roo!

It is my hope that you will find something here today that inspires you to make your home a place where you can’t wait to be.

A little bit about Wynn & Roo:

  • Who exactly are Wynn & Roo? They are my furry companions – Marlowe or “Roo” is my baby..errr… golden retriever, who is always by my side. Wynn is a new addition, and he is a rescue cattle dog mix. These two characters are the heart of our home, and it was only fitting that they represent the brand.
  • Here you will find DIY projects that I am confident any novice can tackle. I have done them all myself, with no professional training, and have hopefully made the mistakes so you don’t have to ūüôā
  • The inspiration for this blog came from the 1870’s farmhouse we live in. It is a house with such heart that I wanted to make sure everything I brought in to furnish it with had a story of it’s own.
  • My style is “lived-in luxury” – I create spaces with a luxurious feel that are inviting and cozy. ¬†¬†Rustic chic with a mix of traditional elegance. Livable and comfortable with a hint of glam.
  • There is a¬†shop¬†where you will find my handmade candles, and soon, furniture items I have re-finished.

A little bit about me:

  • I have a thing for navy.
  • I started making candles with my mom as a young girl and 10 years later found myself working in buying and product development (including candles) at a large retail company. I then switched gears and went back to school, but realized how much I missed and loved candles (sounds silly I know). Jump to the¬†retail¬†side of Wynn & Roo – check it out!
  • My drink of choice is tequila & soda with a splash of pineapple.
  • I am an incurable bargain hunter, estate sale enthusiast, thrift store scavenger and I’ve been known to scoop up a dresser or two from the curb.
  • My last vacation was in the North Italy.
  • I also love the finer things in life, and believe in the aesthetic power of layering high end pieces with what you already have.
  • Being an only child, I have been lucky to receive many family heirlooms and adore sprinkling them into or something creating a room around them.
  • I went to school for Psychology and Nutrition and have¬†my own practice¬†where I see clients. I love this and continue to practice, but I decided to take a bit of my own advice and really listen to what makes me happy. In doing so, Wynn & Roo was born.


Kate, Wynn & Roo





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